The benefits are as follows:

  • The landscaping and irrigation in all Big Bay public areas is maintained on a continuous basis.
  • Litter is cleared from the public areas on a continuous basis.
  • The external facades of the walling and fencing along Otto du Plessis are to be maintained by the BBMPOA. This ensures an acceptable level of maintenance as well as consistency/uniformity along this important scenic corridor.
  • The urban beacons at the entrances to Big Bay are maintained by the BBMPOA.
  • Alien vegetation is removed from the road reserves and public areas.
  • An extensive Security CCTV Camera Network (including 5 licence plate recognition cameras linked to the National Central Intelligence database) monitored 24/7 by our control room to protect our residents.
  • Security Foot patrols and 24/7 security vehicle patrols throughout the whole Big Bay area, including into the estates, to protect our residents.
  • Maintenance of the public amenities where this function is not undertaken by the City of Cape Town.

The above ultimately adds to and increases the desirability of Big Bay as a residential area and, hence, enhances property values.